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**News** Damen Recieves ISO9001:2008 Certification

Quality Leader in Carbide Wear & Cutting Products

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Damen Carbide Tool Company manufactures custom carbide saws, knives and special tooling and accessories for almost any application.

For over 60 years now, the Damen Carbide Tool Company has been an industry leader in the design, production and marketing of solid carbide saws, knives, carbide wear parts, and accessory items. Our basic business principle of quality custom carbide products and our dedication to customer service assure you of the highest quality custom carbide products and special tooling in the industry.  To further validate our commitment to delivering on quality, we have recently received ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

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Carbide Tools & Services

Custom Carbide Tools Carbide Wear Parts
Carbide Slitting & Slotting Saws
Commutators Carbide Angle Cutters
Carbide Discs Carbide Burnishing Rolls Carbide Burnishing Rolls
Carbide Jewelers Saws Carbide Discs Carbide Die Bushings
Carbide Scoring Blades Carbide Circular Bevel Knives Carbide Die Sections
Carbide Venta Nip Cutters Carbide Circular Form Tools Carbide Draw Bushings
  Carbide Dovetail Form Tools Carbide Honing
  Carbide Draw Bushings Carbide Milling & Drilling
  Carbide Jewelers Saws Carbide Radius Cutters
  Carbide Honing Carbide Scoring Blades
  Carbide O.D. & I.D Carbide Slitter Knives
  Carbide Perforators Carbide Perforators
  Carbide Radial Backoff Carbide "V" Cutters
  Carbide Scoring Blades Commutators
  Carbide Straight Undercut Tools Flat Form Tools
  Carbide Venta Nip Cutters Radius Cutters
  Escomatic Tools Solid Carbide Saws
  Radius Cutters  
  Special Form Carbide Cutters  
  Special Production Machining  
  Slotting Saws